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Stinkerton McPoo – A Brand New Favourite Kids Book Character!

Stinkerton McPoo has long been the nickname for our own black labrador who we’ve had for 14 years.  She has earned this nickname due to her rather rude habit of leaving “stink-bombs” almost everywhere she goes!  During lockdown I decided to embark on a challenge and turn this loveable character into a children’s book.  Thus, Stinkerton McPoo Goes Exploring was published in September 2021!  Quickly rising in the Amazon charts, the book became a best-seller and has over 500 five star ratings.  Stinkerton McPoo Goes to the Beach was released in December 2021 and has also received very positive feedback and ratings.

The books are written in rhyme and feature the hilarious and stinky antics of Miss McPoo.  They are beautifully illustrated, and ideal for kids ages 4 – 9 years old to enjoy over and over again.  All copies sold directly from our own website come signed by me (the Author)!  We also have some great deals on book bundles so please check out our shop page for more information.  🙂

Stinkerton McPoo Goes Exploring Cover
Amazon Rating of 4.7 stars with over 500 reviews!

Stinkerton McPoo Goes Exploring Is a clever and hilarious tale that kids will love. I absolutely recommend snagging yourself a copy”Reedsy Discovery                                                                  

Amazon Rating of 4.7 Stars with over 150 Reviews!

“I recommend Stinkerton McPoo Goes to the Beach to all parents who want to introduce their children to a new, fun character that they won’t be able to have enough of” – Reedsy Discovery

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“Hilarious and Relatable – A Must Read”


“Rhyming Romp”

“Funny and Delightful”

“A Wonderfully Hilarious Book For All Ages”

“Fantastic and Fun to Read”

“Love the Rhyming and the Illustrations Are Brilliant”

“Quick Paced and Fun”

“Great Story from Start to Finish”

“Fantastic and Fun to Read”

Reader Reviews

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Children’s Books Signed by the Author

Like many people, I found myself re-evaluating my life during lockdown. These books were born out of a need to do something different, and a desire to bring some joy into the world at a time when everything seemed so serious. 

Never having written a book before, let alone get one published – to say there was a steep learning curve would be an understatement!  It’s almost impossible for first-time authors to be picked up by established publishing companies, which is why I chose to go the self-publishing route.


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 While you can find these books on Amazon, I hope you will consider buying them directly from our website which is the only place you will find the signed copies.  Your support of what has now become a family business is greatly appreciated.

For any aspiring authors out there, please feel free to send me a message and I will gladly share what I have learned over the past few months.  Most importantly, I hope you and your little ones enjoy the books.

Stephen H.

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Special Offer 4 Book Bundle

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Kids Book Bundles by a Best-Selling Children’s Author in the UK
Although I currently have a “grown-up” job that requires much of my attention, I have really enjoyed writing these special children’s book collections.

“For me, this is about creating those moments where parents, grandparents and caregivers are able to slow down and connect with the little ones in their lives.

As busy parents ourselves, we know it can be challenging to find time to be truly present with our kids. Bedtime stories were always an opportunity for us to slow down and reconnect as a family no matter what the day had been like.

It’s been amazing to hear from so many Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers that have enjoyed reading the stories together with their little ones.”

If you’re looking for the best illustrated children’s books with kids book characters everyone will love, then you must read Stinkerton McPoo!

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Stinkerton McPoo Goes to the Beach Page 2
Stinkerton McPoo Goes to the Beach Page 3

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