About the Author

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto is 46 years old and lives in the East Midlands of England. He has been with his husband Antonio since 2009. Having met while living in California, they moved to the UK in 2017. They have two children named AJ & Graciela, and two dogs named Fia & Esperanza. Fia is the inspiration behind this children’s book series, and although lovely company, is also known as “Stinkerton McPoo” – and for good reason!

While new to writing children’s books, Stephen has had the idea for the Stinkerton McPoo series for a while, and ready to explore other creative outlets, he has decided to pursue his dream of becoming a best-selling author. He hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as he has enjoyed writing it, and he’s excited to announce his plans for many more books in the Stinkerton McPoo series.