Stinkerton McPoo Goes Exploring Children’s Book (Signed Edition)




This is the tale of Stinkerton McPoo.
The finest of dogs and the friendliest too.
Now you may be asking, “But what’s with that name?”
To call a dog Stinkerton seems like a shame.
She’s wonderful company, except for, alas…
Stinkerton suffers from terrible gas!

A wonderfully written, cleverly rhyming adventure about a lovable, mischievous, and more-than-slightly-gassy dog named Stinkerton McPoo. In this hilarious and beautifully illustrated book, Stinkerton manages to escape from her garden and runs off to have her own adventure. Mayhem quickly ensues as she sneaks into the Butcher’s shop to make off with a delicious string of sausages! Before long, she soon finds herself in trouble with the entire village chasing after her! Every time it looks like her luck has run out, she manages to escape using her famously stinky secret weapon! Will she manage to keep the sausages and find her way back?

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