The Real Stinkerton McPoo

The real Stinkerton McPoo is based on our black lab named Fia. A joyous, lovable, gentle soul who as you may now have ascertained, is also prone to leaving “stink bombs” wherever she goes! Despite this rather rude habit, she has been with our family for 13 years and counting. Rarely separated from her Sister Esperanza (Spanish for hope), the two dogs have been with us on countless adventures including moving from the U.S. to England in 2017.

We have had both dogs since they were about 6 months old. Fia was adopted from a shelter in Red Bluff, California and Esperanza joined us soon after, when a neighbor decided they could no longer take care of a puppy. Their relatively peaceful lives were disrupted when we were fortunate enough to adopt our children in 2012 and 2013. Both dogs quickly adapted and have been a part of our kids’ lives since they could crawl, walk and run!
Fia and Esperanza are starting to show their age a little now (aren’t we all?!). But they still love a good walk through the English Countryside where we live. On Weekends you might find us camping, hiking, or just enjoying the outdoors when the British weather permits. If you happen to meet the real “Stinkerton McPoo”, give her a pat on the head, but be ready to hold your nose. You never know when she might give one of her signature blasts!

*** Update December 2021 ***

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Esperanza shortly before Christmas this year.  We are so grateful for the 12 wonderful years we got to spend with her, and thankful that she was able to go peacefully and without suffering.  

Thanks to everyone for the support and kind messages we received.